Digibiz24 Review: The Most Comprehensive Review on the Internet [January 2024]

What the All-in-One Tool from Digistore24 Promises and Delivers: An Updated Review from January 2024.


Is Digibiz24 the Best Pagebuilder Tool on the Market?

Discover the answer four years and two rebrandings later in this in-depth review.

Disclaimer: About this Review

On this page, you'll find the most comprehensive and detailed review of Digibiz24 on the internet (as of January 2024). My goal is to provide you with as many objective details as possible to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Therefore, I'll give you an insight into ALL the features of Digibiz24 – including many that are not mentioned in other reviews and are often overlooked due to lack of knowledge.

On the other hand, I'll also share what the tool DOES NOT offer. For this purpose, I have set up a total of 10 test categories in which I, thoroughly test and evaluate the tool. Each category has a maximum of 10 points, with a total score of 100 points (but more on that below).

My evaluation includes not only my own experience as a user but also insights gathered from numerous other Digibiz24 users for this report.

In the interest of transparency, you should know that there are affiliate links in the article. I want to address any concerns of a potential conflict of interest upfront:

Giphy Turn Around
Giphy "Turn Around"

Nobody here is forced into anything 😉 It's not in my interest to aggressively promote a tool to you, only for you to cancel it later because it doesn't suit your needs.

Therefore, I provide you with a balanced and detailed assessment; how you use it is up to you. Since this takes more work than writing a “fake review,” you can surely understand that it's important for me to ensure my efforts in this and other reviews are not entirely in vain.

And I have a surprise for you! To ensure you can fully benefit from Digibiz24 , you'll get a 20% discount on the first payment of all Digibiz24 packages - including the annual subscription - with the coupon code TOOLTESTS.

I negotiated this offer specially for you after lengthy discussions. So please feel free to take advantage and use the coupon code: TOOLTESTS

So, enough about me. Let me now give you an overview of the categories in which I will be testing Digibiz24 .

Table of Content

What is Digibiz24?

Digibiz24 is developed by the same team behind Digistore24 – the market-leading online sales platform for digital products.

The choice of name is no coincidence. While Digistore24 provides a sales platform where you can sell your products legally and with optimized conversions, Digibiz24 offers you a (nearly) all-in-one tool that enables you to:

  • Build your own landing pages and funnels, including nearly 300 high-performing landingpage templates.
  • Create secure membership areas , including video hosting and digital rights management.
  • Set up online courses, including - amongst others quizzes, certificates and a real smartphone- app (Digimentor24)
  • Develop and sell your products, thanks to a seamless connection to Digistore24.

It was launched in 2019 under the name OneClickBusiness and has been continuously developed (and renamed) ever since. Many of you probably know it under the name Coachannel, which the team says did not work for many users.

So much for the tool, but what can it really do?

Membership Area & Online Courses

Let's start with the absolute core of Digibiz24 – the membership area.

Whether you're selling your own product or working as an affiliate, more and more successful online businesses are based on membership areas where you store your content and sell (or give away) access. This not only feels more premium for your customers but also allows for viable subscription models and building member communities around your own traffic. One thing upfront: The focus of the development team is evident in this area. Since the launch of the tool, several good features have been added, such as quizzes, certificates, drip content, or the Digimentor24 app (more on this later – including why I earlier mentioned "a real app" and what this means compared to some competitors).

Currently, I hear that work is being done on community features, such as a comment function. This is good news, as the trend is clearly towards coaching communities. As of January 2024, I was told that this feature is expected to be released during the winter.

But let's take it one step at a time. How easy is it to set up an online course in Digibiz24?

When you click on the 'Courses' menu item, you can choose from three course categories designed to facilitate your setup:

  1. Mini-Course – For simple online courses without sub-lessons.
  2. Online Course – For online courses consisting of chapters and lessons.
  3. Evergreen Course – For online courses whose contents are unlocked over a longer period.
Online-Kurs erstellen
Create an online course

These templates are helpful for beginners because they save time and come with a standard course design.

However, it's a pity that there is only one predefined course design available. Beginners could benefit from more variety.

Aside from the three preset course categories, you can also easily create any other type of online course in Digibiz24. You simply start with the "Empty Course" option and build your course from scratch.

You can assemble your own course theme, which is a uniform design template for the different pages of your online course:

  1. The Course Homepage – the page shown after logging in, containing an overview of the learning contents and useful additional information.
  2. The Chapter Page – where your lessons are found, neatly arranged in an attractive tile view.
  3. The Lesson Page – where the actual learning takes place. Here, you can place your course content, such as videos, links, or downloadable materials.

You have the option to set your colors globally and choose from various predefined fonts – a feature not available with many other providers (e.g., Elopage). Then, using drag & drop, you can add various elements to these pages. These include texts and buttons, as well as helpful widgets like download folders, progress bars, thumbnails for chapters or lessons, tables of contents, or FAQs.

This is all done using the in-house page builder, which I'll introduce in more detail in the category "Creating Landing Pages & Your Own Website."

Here's an example of a course design I put together in 30 minutes:

For those who dislike the default layout with videos on the left, content below, and the course overview on the right: in Digibiz24 this is not fixed and can be completely customized!

Once the course theme is created, you can build your chapters and lessons in Digibiz24 quite quickly. The course structure can be adjusted at any time using drag & drop, and content can be duplicated with just one click.

Incorporating course content is also a breeze.

Your videos can be uploaded via Digibiz24's own video hosting service, meaning there's no need to host your videos on Vimeo or YouTube. The best part is that there are no limitations like in many other tools.

Video Hosting Service von Digibiz24
Video Hosting Service from Digibiz24

The same applies to your download materials, which you can upload via the "Files" section and even sort into your own folders for easy organization. Top-notch!

As previously mentioned, Digibiz24 also offers in-house quizzes. These are particularly useful for self-assessment by your course participants and are available as multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. If needed, you can make access to new lessons contingent on passing the respective quiz.

Additionally, you can award certificates upon successful completion.

Significant improvements have been made here. The certificates are now fully customizable, meaning you can insert your own logo, add a personal signature, and freely choose colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

Additionally, the functionality has been expanded. If your participants meet the requirements for the certificate, they receive an automated email and can even download their certificate in the Digimientor24 smartphone app. Moreover, there's a great new widget in the page builder that provides your customers with guidance on whether they can receive a certificate. With these enhanced customization options, the limited number of templates is less of a drawback.

Aktuelle Vorlagen für die Zertifikate
Current templates for the certificates

The product creation process in Digibiz24 is solved properly as well. You can assign a completed course to a Digistore24 product with just one click, ensuring that access details are reliably delivered via email after purchase.

Moreover, you have the option to set courses, chapters, and lessons to unlock not immediately after purchase, but a few days later. This delayed release (Drip Content) is crucial if you want to start selling your course before all the content is ready.

Once in the course, participants can mark individual lessons as completed and see their progress through a progress indicator, giving them a clear view of how much they have accomplished. You can also track this in the analytics, which are still somewhat basic.

The last highlight is the Digimentor24 app. Available from the Premium tier upwards, I consider it a real asset for any online business. Unlike many other providers, you get a real smartphone app here, available for your customers in both the App Store and Google Play Store – not just a web app.

Digimentor-Web-App in AppStore sowie Google Playstore
Digimentor24 App

Why is this good for you?

For instance, your customers can download course content with a single click – similar to Spotify or Netflix. They don't need an active internet connection and can access your content anytime, anywhere.

As of January 2024, there's also a bookmark feature and the option for users to set individual learning goals - like one lesson a day or three per week (including reminders via push notifications , which participants can set up themselves).

Plus, there's no setup hassle. The Digimentor24 app synchronizes the content of your membership area in real-time. When your customers download it, they get direct access to your course. All you need to do is inform them where to find the app.

Simply brilliant!

As far as I know, there are some clients, who even opt for a white-label version of the smartphone app. That means they use it under their own name with their own branding. However, Digibiz24 doesn't advertise this anywhere, and I suspect it's an enterprise feature.

Technologically, Digibiz24 membership area is on very solid ground. However, I'm surprised that some obvious features, which wouldn't require much development effort, haven't been implemented. One such issue is the inability to send emails to members. The system only sends out access data, order confirmations, and password changes (more on this below).

Another point is the course statistics, which currently only contain the most basic information.
Digistore24, I urge you to take note! Useful metrics would include the number of completed lessons, quizzes, or the time members take to complete the course.
Generally, communication with your own users in  Digibiz24 is virtually impossible, as it currently lacks community features. A simple comment function would already make a big difference. The same goes for forums or private groups, for which you currently need to use external solutions. Although I know the team is working on this, it still results in a deduction of points.

For the tech enthusiasts among the readers, here's a useful tip: Unlike most other providers, even the lowest tier allows the use of JavaScript code in your membership area. This enables you to connect an almost unlimited number of additional tools, such as:

📆 **Calendar:** A calendar widget for scheduling and displaying learning events, deadlines, and important dates.

⭐ **Rating Systems:** A widget that allows members to rate courses, content, or other learners.

📊 **Learning Path Visualizations:** A widget that shows participants' progress through the course.

🎮 **Gamification Elements:** Add leaderboards, badges, or point systems to make learning more fun and motivating.

📱 **Social Media Feeds:** Integrate widgets to display updates from social media platforms and allow members to share and discuss content.

🗒️ **Virtual Whiteboards:** Use a whiteboard widget for interactive discussions, brainstorming, and collaborative learning.

Overall, Digibiz24 provides a highly mature membership tool, offering numerous customization options and– except for the  smartphone -app,includes the complete feature set even in the lowest tier.

Conclusion: 8/10 points

Creating Products and Selling Globally

Once you've created your course, the next step is to sell it.

Here's something important to note: To sell online courses with Digibiz24, you need Digistore24. If you're not using the membership area but just building your websites with Digibiz24, you can direct to other sales platforms.

While there are several good reasons for this, which I'll explain below, Digibiz24 unleashes its full power only in combination with Digistore24.

With this, you get a highly efficient integration that almost eliminates the need to log in to Digistore24.

Your first step is to register with Digistore24. Unlike other sales platforms like Clickbank, Digistore24 doesn't require a one-time activation fee of $50.You use the sales platform and the connected affiliate network for free. The margin per sale is higher at 7.9% compared to similar providers, but Digistore24 is technologically on a completely different level, just like in terms of conversion (more on this in my next review).

After registration, you simply activate the connection in Digibiz24 and you're linked with one click. It couldn't be easier.

Once the connection is live, you can create your product through the 'Products (Beta)' tab. A setup wizard then guides you through all the important settings, including:

  • Product Name: The name of your product.
  • Product Type: Besides online courses, there are 12 other types, like downloadable products, coachings, or software.
  • Affiliate Commission: The commission your affiliate receives for recommending your product.
  • Sales Pages: The sales and upsell pages through which your customer purchases your product (can be created directly in Digibiz24).
  • Order Form: Upload a product image and add a description. Digibiz24 then quickly creates an order form.
  • Currency: Options include USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, and recently PLN.
  • Prices: Choose between gross or net prices, meaning you can display your prices either including or excluding VAT.
  • Payment Methods: All relevant payment methods are available, such as Klarna, PayPal, credit card, and more.
  • Price & Payment Plan: Decide if you want to sell via one-time payment, installment payment, or subscription. Set the price and determine if you want to offer a free trial period.

Once set up, you can directly link your product to your course and you're almost ready to go – well, pretty close…

Giphy "So close... so close"
Giphy "So close... so close"

Approval of your product still takes place in Digistore24. And setting up your affiliate marketplace entry – one of the top features at Digistore24 – must also be done in the Digistore24 backoffice. Here, the integration could offer more in terms of usability.

Personally, though, I see it this way: you always have the option to use all of Digistore24's sales features when you're ready, rather than being overwhelmed by them at the start.

And the advantages outweigh the drawbacks: With Digistore24, you sell worldwide in a reseller model. As of January 2024, Digistore24 operates 4 own resellers for the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. This means you don't need to write invoices, your taxes are always correctly remitted, and payments are always accurate. At the same time, Digistore24 enjoys high trust among end customers and provides complete legal protection for you. Especially if you want to sell to Europe, there's simply no better provider that secures you legally as well as Digistore24 does.

An example from my experience: If you sell your online courses in Germany with a 0-day return period, you must submit a service documentation if a customer wants to return the product. This is usually a hassle, as you need to demonstrate that your customer indeed had access to reject the return. Without these service documentations, you lose money through unnecessary returns.

Using Digibiz24, the service documentation is automatically transmitted to Digistore24, helping you avoid returns while saving a lot of effort. This proactive approach is why I trust Digibiz24 & Digistore24 so much.

Did my review help you?

Overall, creating and selling your products globally through Digibiz24 is very well resolved, and with Digistore24, you're directly connected to one of the most reputable and technologically advanced sales platforms out there.

Points are deducted only for minor usability weaknesses and the fact that currently, you can't sell on your own account but always in a reseller model (However, my last information is that this might change soon).

Conclusion: 9/10 points

Landing Pages & Creating Your Own Website

Now, let's move on to an area where Digibiz24 really stands out from many other software solutions: the ease of creating landing pages and even your own website, without wrestling with WordPress or paying extra for tools like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, or Wix.

Digibiz24 differentiates between landing pages and website pages. Landing pages are used to sell your online course or collect contacts (more on this shortly). The website pages ensure you have a functional and legally compliant web presence. This includes the following types of pages:

Digibiz24 page types

For all these page types, Digibiz24 offers ready-made templates, so you only need to adjust texts and images. Currently, there are 27 templates available for various industries. With one click, all your website pages will have a consistent look.

Additionally, you can set the navigation for your header and footer, which will be uniformly displayed on all pages you create. This is a significant time-saver! Recently, they even introduced multi-level navigation, with 3 navigation levels and an SEO-optimized directory structure (including XML sitemap) for better ranking.

A downside, however, is the lack of templates or generators for legal pages like Imprint and Privacy Policy. The time saved earlier is now spent on online research for text templates, which is a bit of a hassle.

I also miss templates for a homepage including navigation. I have to build my own homepage from scratch with the page builder. While it’s not technically complicated, it is time-consuming (more on the page builder later).

Digibiz24 really shines with its landing pages. With nearly 300 ready-to-use templates, you're spoilt for choice. Once selected, you just need to adjust texts and images to have a ready landing page in minutes.

With Digibiz24, you can create the following types of pages:

  1. Opt-In Page
  2. Sales Page
  3. Webinar Registration Page
  4. Upsell Sales Page
  5. Thank You Page

This means you can quickly build entire funnels or sales funnels with Digibiz24 – well, except for the order form. If you want to customize that, you need to do it in Digistore24. This is a bit puzzling to me, as Digistore24 has a form editor (the Cart Builder) that works similarly to the page builder in Digibiz24. This warrants a deduction of points.

On the upside, Digibiz24 offers not only many individual templates but also complete template families – known as themes. When you select one, Digibiz24 loads all landing pages in a uniform design. There is at least one theme for each industry – though there could be more in the future.

Technically, everything is sound:

All templates are designed according to conversion best practices, meaning they are optimized to prompt visitors to perform a relevant action (a “conversion”). They are also optimized for various screen sizes and load very quickly.

For comparison, I've created two screenshots from Google Pagespeed Insights. The first shows the loading speed and performance of a Clickfunnels landing page. The second shows how a Digibiz24 page performs in comparison.

Aktueller Web-Bericht PageSpeed-Insights Clickfunnels
Current web report PageSpeed-Insights Clickfunnels
Aktueller Web-Bericht PageSpeed-Insights Digibiz24
Current web report PageSpeed-Insights Digibiz24

You can try it out for yourself. The results are often better than those of comparable providers. Kudos to the team!

If you want to customize your pages or build them from scratch, you can do so in the Digibiz24 page builder. If you've ever worked with a drag-and-drop editor, you'll quickly get the hang of it.

I personally can work very well with the page builder now. The logic is simple, and there are now many components(widgets), such as:

  • Text Widgets - These include paragraphs, headings, or bullet lists.
  • Media Widgets - For embedding content like videos, audios, or images.
  • Course Widgets - Embedding your course content as an overview.
  • Forms & Buttons - E.g., Buy buttons, opt-in forms, or an embedded order form Digistore24.
  • Content Widgets - These include countdown timers, FAQs, a price table, or navigation.
  • HTML/JS Widget - This allows you to embed any code on your pages – e.g., registration forms from other providers, custom designs, etc. This gives you as a Digibiz24 user a lot of flexibility.

In total, there are over 30 widgets. They are functional, easy to customize, and look neat – though not above and beyond the competition.

Additionally, in the page builder, you can also:

  • Set Trigger and create pop-ups.
  • Apply global branding.
  • Add CSS code.
  • Insert Tracking code.
  • Set SEO settings, e.g., description, indexing, meta tags, etc..
  • Set fonts .
  • Create mobile versions of the pages that contain fewer elements.

Overall, it's a good mix of decent functionality and ease of use that gets a lot done.

Once you've created your pages, you can easily connect your own domain with Digibiz24. There are well-explained and updated instructions for this. If you don't have your own domain, you can use the standard domain of Digibiz24 and publish your pages directly. It's:


Digibiz24 also offers its own Page Sharing from the Premium version. This means if you have your own clients for whom you create pages and membership areas, you can easily export your pages to your clients' Digibiz24 accounts. That's a well-thought-out feature...

...but not completely thought through. As a service provider, you build many pages – and this is where Digibiz24 quickly becomes cluttered. You lose track because pages can't be grouped into folders or tagged. The search function is also not optimal, so sometimes you search for minutes to find a specific page.

All in all, the website features of Digibiz24 are very usable. You get a user-friendly page builder, fresh templates monthly, top performance, and can build a complete web presence with only one tool.

However, for more complex websites or service providers with a high volume of pages, Digibiz24 eventually reaches its limits.

Conclusion: 8/10 points

Conversion Optimization

Ok, at this point, many of you might be thinking: “Conversion? I'm not a professional marketer. I just want to build and sell a great course.”

That's valid. But imagine you invest money in advertising – like for a huge newsletter that sends 10,000 visitors to your sales page.

What if your page doesn't load or loads slowly on smartphones? What if it looks messed up? What if your potential clients don't notice the 'Buy' button?

All of this seriously affects your conversion rate – and you lose real customers. You don't need to be a pro marketer, but I think you'll agree you don't want to constantly worry about conversion.

This is where Digibiz24 does a lot right.

  • Page Speed – As already mentioned, the pages load incredibly fast. This means you won’t lose customers who are frustrated with long loading times. (If Digibiz24 had a blog function, it would have been created with this tool, too 😉) 😉)
  • Conversion-Optimized Templates – Whether it's an opt-in page, sales page, or upsell page: all page templates from Digibiz24 are inherently optimized for conversion, for both desktop and smartphones.
  • Conversion Components (Widgets) – In the page builder itself, there are a lot of useful conversion widgets like countdown timers, progress bars, testimonials, or pop-ups.
  • Integrated Order Forms – You have the option to embed a compelling Digistore24 order form directly on your sales page  (!). This reduces the number of steps to purchase and positively impacts your conversion.
  • Mobile Versions of Your Pages – Every Digibiz24 page can be displayed with a specific layout for mobile devices. This is useful if, for example, you have a very long sales page. Great on desktop, overwhelming on mobile. In Digibiz24, you can shorten or adjust the mobile page without changing how your desktop page looks.
  • Tracking – You can integrate Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Meta Pixel, and Meta Conversion API for your Facebook advertising. Plus, other tracking codes, like the Digistore24 Promo Pixel and more, are easy to integrate. A code editor is available for all pages. Copy - paste - done.
  • Splittest FeatureStarting from the Premium tier, you can easily set up split tests or A/B tests. These are a helpful tool if you want to actively improve the conversion on your pages, e.g., because you feel that your headline or video is costing you customers. With the splittest feature, you simply create a copy of your page, adjust the headline, for example, and test it in real time against the original version and other variations. Digibiz24 handles the testing and evaluation for you, so you can continually optimize your purchase rate. Nice!

For those who need more, I recommend delving deeper into Digistore24. There you'll find many complementary features needed to optimize your purchase rate (more on this in my next review).

Here’s a shortlist of the features I use:

Cart Builder Order Form – Fully customizable order form that works just like the Digibiz24 page builder.

Digistore24 Cart-Builder-Bestellformular
Digistore24 Cart Builder Order Form

Conversion Cockpit – A splittest tool that I use to test sales pages, order forms, upsell pages, as well as various products and prices. Particularly powerful when combined with the Cart Builder order form.

Digistore24 Conversion Cockpit
Digistore24 Conversion Cockpit

Social Proof Bubble – A small pop-up box that can be integrated into the bottom left corner of sales pages or order forms. It displays anonymized real customers who have purchased your product in the past, enhancing trust in your products.

Social Proof Bubble
Social Proof Bubble

Order Bumps and Addons – These two tools provide the opportunity to offer additional products on your order form that your customer can conveniently "add to their purchase" without entering their payment information again.

At this point, my only point of criticism is: Except for the Conversion Cockpit, it shouldn't be difficult to directly incorporate these features into Digibiz24 itself. Doing so would enhance usability for me, as I wouldn't need to log into Digistore24 separately.

Otherwise, Digibiz24 covers the aspect of conversion optimization very well for me.

Conclusion: 9/10 points

Email Marketing

As a provider of coachings and online courses, you need the ability to reach your customers via email. Email is your most important marketing and customer engagement channel, especially when starting out with your business.

To address it upfront: Unfortunately, Digibiz24 offers only limited capabilities in this area.

Of course, integrating a complete email tool into software like Digibiz24 isn't easy, but it’s not necessary either. My primary concern is communication with customers.

As mentioned earlier, Digibiz24 only sends system emails with access data for new members, order confirmations, and password changes. Templates for each of these emails can be customized.

What it should also be able to do is send emails for the following cases:

Notifications about new uploads,e.g., when a new lesson or course is uploaded.

Notifications about unlocked courses, e.g., when new content is released through the "delayed release" feature.

Confirmation of manual entries, i.e., when a member is added manually.

The ability to send simple emails to course members, e.g., to motivate them or pass on updates.

These are essential features that, in my opinion, should be standard. Surprisingly, hardly any membership area tool offers this.

My assessment regarding email marketing functionalities, i.e., list building, newsletter distribution, or automated email series, is different. All these are essential for a course creator or coach, but I think it would be unreasonable to integrate them into a tool like Digibiz24.

It's more important that there are a) enough integrations with email providers and b) these integrations offer good functionalities.

In Digibiz24 you can currently connect the following email solutions directly:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • Infusionsoft
  • KlickTipp
  • Mailchimp
  • integration

This allows you to embed email forms directly on your Digibiz24 pages, sending data straight to the above tools. Mailchimp, which is free, is also included.

Even if you use another tool, you can easily collect email addresses by embedding a signup form of your favorite tool on your Digibiz24 page via an iframe. This is easier than it sounds – via the HTML-JS widget. Just copy-paste the code from your email tool (literally any) and you're done.

Building email lists and engaging them with newsletters and automated campaigns is very easy with Digibiz24, regardless of the tool you use. You can also easily create and distribute lead magnets, like checklists, eBooks, etc., with Digibiz24.

However, what could be improved is the functionality of these integrations. I urgently wish for Digibiz24 to also transfer information about whether a member has started or completed a course or lesson. Powerful email campaigns could be triggered based on this information, which currently isn't possible. That's a pity!

Did my review help you?

Overall, Digibiz24 offers the bare minimum in this area. Even if the goal isn't to integrate a full email marketing service like Clickfunnels did, more should be possible.

Conclusion: 4/10 points


Digibiz24 offers a good selection of pre-built connections to other tools.

In addition to well-known services like Active Campaign, GetResponse, Webinarjam, Everwebinar, or Keap (Infusionsoft), it also integrates several German-speaking tools, like Klick-Tipp and Quentn. With Webinaris, you also have one of the top webinar tools from Germany integrated. Take it or leave it but doesn’t hurt.

And you have the most and integration on the market at your disposal (see the category Creating Products & Selling Globally).

And for example other sales platforms like Clickbank cannot be directly connected. This means if you built a course with Digibiz24, you can only sell it with and at the moment.

However, you can still easily link your sales buttons from Digibiz24 to any other payment provider if you are not using the membership features of Digibiz24.

Overall, the most important tools like Infusionsoft , ActiveCampaign, Get Response and Mailchimp are represented. The only thing painfully missing is a Zapier or Make integration to build strong automations.

Despite the relatively few direct connections, you can connect Digibiz24 with basically any tool, even if no direct integration is offered. This is possible via the HTML/JS widget, which allows you to insert your own HTML or JavaScript code into your landing pages, website pages,or course pages.

With this, you can, for example:

  1. Embed calendar tools like Calendly on your pages.
  2. Integrate form tools like Typeform to conduct surveys.
  3. Add a comment function to your membership area, for example , by working with Fastcomments.
  4. Implement Google Recaptcha for spam protection on your opt-in forms.
  5. Display samples of your PDF files.
  6. Use Google-Kalender for your contact page.

This is just a small selection of use cases you can cover with the widget. You're well-equipped with it. Only the lack of connection to an automation tool like Zapier or Make stands in the way of a higher rating.

Conclusion: 7/10 points

Security and Data Protection

With Digibiz24 , you are using the safest and most data protection-compliant tool on the market by far!

Data protection and security might not be sexy , but they are critical for business - especially if you have even a single customer in heavily regulated Europe.

This means you don’t automatically carry the risk of legal issues & costs just because you are using a tool like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, or GoHighlevel, which doesn't focus on this aspect. Digibiz24, among other things, has servers in Europe and correctly handles all data according to GDPR requirements.

The necessary data protection features are also in place. Digibiz24 automatically,creates ready-to-use privacy and imprint pages for you, where you just need to insert your content. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive cookie consent function. This allows you, on one hand, to determine when and how your cookie banner is displayed. On the other hand, you can also define the behavior of the banner, for example, by activating a checkbox. This allows you to control when tracking code is actually loaded, making you significantly safer than with many comparable providers.

Digibiz24 tracking code

A highlight for me is the powerful download and copy protection in Digibiz24. I emphasize this because many providers claim they can do this, but only a few truly fulfill this promise.

Digibiz24 uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) for this purpose. This is a collective term for technologies that effectively protect the contents of your membership area from unauthorized downloads and illegal distribution.

Specifically, for your uploaded videos, this means:

  • Your videos cannot be downloaded unauthorized or shared via a link.
  • If someone tries to record your video, only a black screen will be displayed.

Technologically, this is exactly in the same quality as with Netflix. According to Digibiz24, the following happens:

  • “Digibiz24 sends your videos encrypted to the member’s browser.
  • The browser decrypts the video securely and plays it for the member.
  • All videos are defined as loans and not as permanently purchased content.
  • Links for retrieving video files are only valid for 24 hours.
  • Videos designated for download are only valid for 30 days."

The DRM is also active in the Digimentor24-app. This gives me, as a creator, the peace of mind that my content is really only consumed in exchange for a payment.

Looking at the security features, the only thing I miss is two-factor authentication. Different access roles, e.g., for admins, employees, or web designers, would also be nice and hopefully will be added.

However, regardless of this, Digibiz24 is a secure and excellently maintained software. You can tell that the same experienced developers who work on Digistore24 are also behind this.

Conclusion: 9/10 points

Vision & Development Speed

Since its launch in 2019 as OneClickBusiness, Digibiz24 has consistently released new features, with updates occurring at least once a month, and often more frequently.

Digibiz24-Release Notifications
Digibiz24 release notifications
Neuigkeiten über Instagram erfahren
Discover more news on Instagram
Digibiz24 Newsletter
Digibiz24 newsletter

Exactly what I, as a user, expect to see.

Yet, the truth is that other platforms just aren't keeping up. Clickfunnels, for example, had seen little evolution over the years until Clickfunnels 2.0 raised expectations, only to add more complexity and bugs. Elopage 3.0's big announcement ended up being about a new design, minimal feature enhancements, and increased pricing.

When reviewing their Knowledge Base, significant updates seem few and far between.

In contrast, Digibiz24 (and also Digistore24) demonstrates a consistent and rapid pace of development. Sure, there may not be community features just yet, but it's clear that work is underway.

How can I tell?

Looking at the recent updates, the development team at Digibiz24 has focused on areas like:

  1. Regularly enhancing quizzes.
  2. Continually improving certificates.
  3. Developing website features such as multi-level navigation, GA4, etc.
  4. Advancing app features like progress bars and download buttons.
  5. Releasing conversion-optimized templates on a monthly basis.

This pattern indicates a clear trajectory for Digibiz24: advancing the membership area and the smartphone app, while simultaneously supporting the website & funnel components.

This development approach is reassuring to me as a user. Having decided to place my business in the hands of this provider, I expect ongoing advancement as part of my investment.

And as a user, I appreciate the ability to contribute to this progress through a feedback forum.

Mit dem Feedback-Forum an der Entwicklung des Tools mitwirken
Contribute to the development of the tool with the feedback forum

Here, everything is done properly, not least because Digistore24 and Digibiz24 are on very solid business footing. The company is self-financed (no investors, no loans, etc.), with high liquidity (especially due to its business model), and in a market-leading position globally.

Conclusion: 10/10 points

Support & Education

A good tool is only half as valuable if the support isn't right and no one is there to guide you through its use.

Let's start with the basics: When I encounter a problem, I can write to Digibiz24's support team, and they are competent.

Unlike many other tools, I am advised by a human employee rather than a basic chat dialogue with AI.

Die aktive Facebook Support Community
The active Facebook support community

The instructional videos on YouTube and the knowledge base are valuable resources. The knowledge base, in particular, is regularly updated and features many practical hacks and application scenarios.

Did my review help you?

In summary, the support aspect is well-handled overall. My only point of criticism is the tool's onboarding process. It starts with an informative welcome video but then leaves you without further guidance. The absence of a setup assistant, helpful tooltips, or any form of gamification to facilitate the onboarding process is a noticeable gap. This should be improved.

Conclusion: 7/10 points

Pricing & Cost

Absolutely, Digibiz24 is a valuable all-in-one solution for online entrepreneurs and creators!

However, whether it's the best fit for your specific situation warrants a closer examination. Let’s dive in.

Digibiz24 's Pricing Options:

  1. Light Plan: Priced at $47 net ($42 net with an annual subscription)
  2. Premium Plan: Priced at $97 net ($87 net with an annual subscription)
  3. Platinum Plan: Priced at $297 net ($267 net with an annual subscription).

Periodically, there are special promotions for Digibiz24 Freemium, which is completely free! While it's not always available, it's worth mentioning briefly: should you have the opportunity to get it, I recommend doing so.

The ability to create landing pages and membership areas at no cost is a fantastic deal, particularly for those just starting out.

Digibiz24 Light - Unmatched Value

Unlike other providers, the entry-level version of Digibiz24 isn't designed to be just barely sufficient, forcing you to upgrade to a higher tier quickly.

Even with the Light plan, you almost get the full feature set:

  • 1 membership area, including your own website with hosting and custom domain
  • 100 landing pages, including all page templates
  • Website and course builder with all components (widgets)
  • 5 courses for your membership area
  • 1000 paying members - quite an order to reach that number soon
  • 10,000 non-paying members - great if you're using courses as lead magnets, for instance, as an affiliate
  • Video hosting service with copy protection (DRM)
  • Drip content - delayed release of your course content
  • Quizzes & certificates
  • Option to remove the Digibiz24 logo from the footer
  • All integrations
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited products
  • Storage for videos & files

Only the Digimentor-app (a pity, but understandable), split tests (manageable), and page sharing (not an issue for me) are reserved for the Premium tier.

This offers one of the best value-for-money deals available , especially when you consider that Digistore24 is basically included, which provides its full functionality even without a subscription.

Comparisons with Other Platforms:

GoHighlevel starts at $97 and only offers essential features in its lowest tier. It doesn’t provide a membership area but does have a powerful funnel solution. I'm mentioning it here as an alternative to Clickfunnels, which lost its appeal to me after version 2.0.

Elopage can be ignored. Let's focus on Kajabi - it includes a membership area and is considered the gold standard in the all-in-one creator tool space. However, its lowest tier is priced at $149. You get quality software, but it offers less for the price than Digibiz24 and is three times as expensive.

Overall, Digibiz24's cuts great value for money. For Example Digital Access Pass is cheaper at $19 - $49 but is WordPress-based, coming with all the typical WordPress issues. Moreover, it lacks landing pages or funnels and doesn’t offer a comparable feature set.

Digibiz24 Premium - Everything You Need

The pricing for the Premium tier of Digibiz24 is similarly advantageous. In my opinion, it provides you with just about everything you need as an online entrepreneur for a very long time.

The Premium feature set includes:

  • All features from the Light plan
  • Digimentor24 app
  • Up to 5 split tests
  • Page sharing function
  • 3 membership areas, including your own website with hosting and domain
  • 250 landing pages, including all page templates
  • 20 courses for the membership area
  • 10,000 paying members
  • 30,000 non-paying members

In my view, it's hard to find something better for under $100. In fact, similar features often cost double or triple the price elsewhere.

Comparisons with Other Platforms:

Elopage offers two pricing tiers in this range. You can ignore the Advanced tier; it's just meant to push you into the Pro tier. The Pro tier is comparable but significantly more expensive. The Live Streaming feature and Magic Link feature are cool, but you'll pay an extra $219 per month (!) for your own smartphone app. Moreover, Elopage lacks many features that you get with Digistore24 as standard without a subscription.

Kajabi costs two to four times as much for a similar feature set. Otherwise, Kajabi is a solid choice with good data privacy and security.

GoHighlevel costs a little less in the medium tariff. However, it remains a pure ( although very good) membership platform without landing pages. In addition, you only get one member area and only half as many courses. Only in the higher tariffs, which are significantly more expensive, do you get 50+ courses and 5000+ members. The security features and Google login are excellent. However, the smartphone app is only a web app and not a real app, which has disadvantages (see section above).

Skool is purely a membership tool, without payment features or its own pages. However, it has some of the best community features on the market. Priced at $99, it falls in the same category and currently boasts the fastest development speed among all market tools. It might not be competitive right now, but keep an eye on it in a year!

Digibiz24 Platinum - When More is Truly Needed

There isn't much to say about the Platinum plan. The feature set remains unchanged. Only a Priority Support option is added. This plan becomes interesting only when you truly need a lot more.

However, with Platinum, you get significantly more:

  • Feature set from the Premium plan
  • Priority Support
  • 8 member areas, including your own website with hosting and domain
  • 800 landing pages, including all page templates (!)
  • 300 courses for the member area (!!)
  • 25,000 paying members (does that even exist?)
  • 100,000 non-paying members (!!!)

From my perspective, Platinum becomes interesting for large enterprises and the top 5% of online entrepreneurs who can truly reach these sometimes unrealistic thresholds.

Comparisons with Other Platforms:

Kajabi charges a hefty $399 in its highest-tier plan. The tool has few weaknesses and is well-established. If you can live with the fact that it's a U.S.-based tool that offers significantly fewer pages, member areas, and members, you can't go wrong here.

Elopage costs even more than Kajabi in its highest-tier plan. Personally, I find the $549 per month to be unreasonable, even though it includes the smartphone app in your own name. You get the Digimentor24 app with Digibiz24 in the mid-tier plan, and as mentioned earlier, Digibiz24, together with Digistore24, is simply superior in terms of technology.

I mention Clickfunnels here because it only makes economic sense in the highest-tier plan. With it, you get an established funnel tool that comes closest to a true all-in-one solution. However, it has some glaring technical weaknesses. I recommend checking out the recent reviews on YouTube to learn more.

Overall, Digibiz24's pricing is very favorable. Particularly noteworthy is the sheer number of features you get in both the entry-level and mid-tier plans.

Even as a Digibiz24 beginner, you get nearly the complete feature set. The software quality is very high, and when combined with Digistore24, it's a powerful combination. Prices have remained stable for 4 years, and apart from payment processing fees with Digistore24, there are no additional costs.

Did my review help you?

The only reason I'm not giving it a perfect 10 out of 10 is that the elusive Digibiz24 Freemium isn't readily available. But perhaps I'm just a bit too greedy 😉

 Conclusion: 9/10 Points

Test Result and Conclusion

Digibiz24 has convinced me, especially in terms of value-for-money.

If you work with Digistore24 and sell membership products, in my opinion, Digibiz24 is hands-down the best solution on the market.

In order for you to understand my reasoning, here's a summary of all my test categories: 

Member Areas & Online Courses - 8 out of 10 Points

With Digibiz24, you get all the essential features even in the lowest-tier plan. Whether it's video hosting (with unlimited videos), copyright protection, quizzes, or certificates, Digibiz24 delivers where others may skimp. With 1,000 paying and 10,000 non-paying members, it'll be a while before you need to upgrade.

However, a higher score is prevented by the limited member interaction options currently available.

There are only a few system emails, and community features like commenting or live streams are yet to come.

Creating Products & Selling Worldwide - 9 out of 10 Points

Digibiz24 is perfectly integrated with Digistore24. The integration is so powerful that you (almost) don't need to log into Digistore24 anymore, except if you want to use the power features.

You create products, payment plans, and payment methods directly in Digibiz24 and easily link them to your courses. You can directly view sales and orders.

Plus, you benefit from smart workflows, such as automated service documentations. However,  Digibiz24 only works with Digistore24, at least if you're selling membership products.

Overall, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. With Digistore24, you can sell legally and globally without worrying about correct tax collection or payouts - worldwide. Additionally, it is technologically and legally superior to all comparable providers.

Creating Landing Pages & Your Own Website - 8 out of 10 Points

And Digibiz24 , you can create both a full-fledged website and landing pages for your online business.

All important types of pages are represented here, from sales pages to 404 error pages. There are plenty of landing page templates, they look great, are well-optimized, and new ones are added regularly. Unfortunately, these cool templates are missing for your own homepage.

The page builder is user-friendly and allows you to quickly customize your pages. However, it offers a wide range of features with over 30 widgets. Also, connecting your own domain is quick and easy.

It's a shame that your pages cannot be grouped into folders or tagged, though. For more complex websites, you may need to consider using a different tool (or simplifying it 🙂).

Conversion Optimization - 9 out of 10 Points

It's clear that conversion is taken seriously.

Your pages load extremely quickly, especially compared to Clickfunnels and other tools, ensuring you don't lose money when a customer closes the browser window after 3 seconds of inactivity.

All page templates are optimized according to conversion best practices, and you'll find several conversion widgets in the page builder. A minor downside is that some conversion features from Digistore24 could be directly accessible through the page builder.

Setting up tracking is easy, and starting from the mid-tier plan, you even have your own A/B/split testing tool.

Email Marketing - 4 out of 10 Points

Currently, this is the biggest weakness of Digibiz24 in my opinion.

It's not about replacing my email marketing tool like Active Campaign, GetResponse, or Mailchimp. What I long for are more options to reach my course participants via email. Currently, Digibiz24 offers only the basics.

This means order confirmations, access data, or password dialogues are covered by system emails, but notifications about uploads or unlocked content are not. That's unfortunate.

Nevertheless, you can easily integrate all important email tools. In addition to direct integrations with ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, or GetResponse, you can also embed forms from other providers via code on your pages.

Integration with Other Tools - 7 out of 10 Points

In addition to the mentioned email tools and the well-made integration with Digistore24, you currently have access to Infusionsoft (Keap), Everwebinar, and WebinarJam.

However, you can integrate almost any tool on your pages and in the member area via the HTML/JS widget(see integrations with other tools).

This compensates for the relatively low number of full integrations. However, a Zapier or Make integration should be urgently developed.

Security and Data Protection - 9 out of 10 Points

Digibiz24 makes almost no compromises on this matter. Unlike Kajabi or Clickfunnels, you don't carry hidden risks when you have customers outside the USA. The handling of tracking scripts through a well-designed cookie banner is well-executed.

The copy and download protection is technically advanced, ensuring your content cannot be illegally copied, downloaded, or distributed.

The only things currently missing are two-factor authentication and different access roles.

Vision and Development Speed - 10 out of 10 Points

Digibiz24 is in constant development. For 4 years now, new features have been released every month, sometimes even faster, and they are very well-developed.

Unlike Clickfunnels 2.0 or Elopage 3.0, not much marketing is done for relatively few real innovations. The software is alive and constantly evolving—and it's developed by the same team behind Digistore24.

This reassures me as a user. As a customer, I want to be sure that I'm buying the ongoing development of the tool, and that's the case with Digibiz24.

Moreover, the tool is unlikely to disappear from the market quickly. After all, Digistore24 stands behind it. The company is self-funded, financially stable, and in a market-leading position, which builds additional trust.

Judging by the recent releases, the development team is currently focusing heavily on the further development of membership features, which personally excites me.

Support and Training - 7 out of 10 Points

The support is fast, accurate, and helpful. It's clear that the staff is well-trained and passionate about customer service.

The same applies to help content such as how-to videos and the knowledge base.

These resources are well-maintained and regularly updated, allowing you to help yourself effectively.

However, the onboarding in Digibiz24 could be improved. After an informative welcome video, there are no further aids like a setup assistant, tooltips, or similar features to facilitate the initial use.

Pricing and Costs - 9 out of 10 Points

The pricing structure of Digibiz24 is excellent, especially in the lower-tier plans. While other providers build their software to quickly force customers into an upgrade, beginners get almost the entire feature set in the smallest plan (see prices and costs).

The software quality is very high, and when combined with Digistore24, it's a powerful combination. Prices have remained stable for 4 years, and apart from payment processing fees with Digistore24, there are no additional or hidden costs.

Additionally, there is a free basic version.

Overall Score

Giphy "And the winner is ..."
And the Winner is ...

With a score of 80 out of 100 possible points, Digibiz24 performs very well. Especially if you use it to build your membership area and also utilize Digistore24, Digibiz24 is a must-have.

I hope this review has helped you make a decision regarding Digibiz24. If you want to try Digibiz24, I would appreciate it if you diesen Link This way, you contribute to the creation of more reviews like this one.

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Software Reviews

As for this report, you can count on me to regularly update it. The current status is January 2024. Please feel free to let me know in the comments if you have any unanswered questions.

I look forward to your feedback!


*Digistore24 has a significant technological advantage over many comparable providers - in my opinion, even over Clickbank. This is reflected primarily in the quality of its features. Digistore24's analytics are the most powerful in the industry. Many crucial conversion features are simply missing from competitors. For example, you can't perform sophisticated split tests, set up multi-upsells, optimize your order forms for conversion as effectively, or have as extensive an affiliate network elsewhere. Moreover, billing accuracy is not always guaranteed with competitors. Unfortunately, other platforms may not handle installment payments and tax calculations as reliably as Digistore24. The same applies to the implementation of many new legal regulations. With Digistore24, you're simply on the safe side regarding these issues. More on this in my next review.