Hallo, ich bin Mariela

... a marketing enthusiast with a heart for honest and successful online marketing.

My story

My journey began as a journalism graduate, where I gained valuable experience at prominent media companies like RTL2. However, I soon realized the need for a change. The journalism industry felt too restrictive and at times, lacked integrity.
This realization led me to transition into the dynamic world of online marketing. I honed my skills at a reputable web agency, focusing on crafting marketing campaigns for German companies.

Yet, my entrepreneurial spirit yearned for more. I aspired to unleash my creativity and pursue independent ventures. Thus, I bravely embarked on the path of self-employment, a decision I take great pride in.

Since then, I have been dedicated to assisting companies and entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and Germany in achieving digital success. I specialize in developing online marketing strategies that enhance visibility and drive sales.

Additionally, I have successfully implemented various sales funnels as an affiliate, utilizing a diverse range of tools.
While my origins lie in Bulgaria, my passion for marketing and software has transcended borders. I am driven by the desire to empower individuals in strengthening their digital presence and reaching their objectives, all with fervor, expertise, and a touch of authenticity.

Mariela S. Marinow